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Monday, March 15, 2010


Ok, so I googled my name and I just got a ton of weird dog pics...
I went on urban dictionary, and with the ammount of dirty definaitions I was sure that my results would not be good, but they ruled check out the top three:

1.An absolutely fantastic girl. A gorgeous, funny, lovable, hugable cutie. Double fisting glasses of Stella is not uncommon for Heidi. Saying Heidi is amazing would be an understatement. Heidi is the name only given to those who deserve and respect it. There is no such thing as simply "A Heidi," as anyone with the name of Heidi deserves special recognition. Anyone named Heidi should be addressed as "The Heidi" because no Heidi is ordinary and each and every Heidi is worthy of such a title.

2. Heidi is a awesome gorgeous girl with class. she is fresh till death and can make you do a double take. she has big hair and is proud of it. she is a girl who doesnt hate black people just hate everyone around her

Damn, have you seen heidi!

3. A CRAZY bitch who needs some damn Prozac!

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